terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011


Many people come to me to try to remedy some problems of their lives with material, emotional and diseases in the field, helping others could not be more rewarding for me, one more thing I'd like to make very clear is that first there must be at which either of these cases above the Deserving.
To receive this merit we need to agree with many things that happen in everyday life we ​​left off, and as they say "each with their problems" a big buzzword for the little people. The great human selfishness that we are only sensitive to anything when it hurts us, because when the other is their problem, right?
Spirituality but unfortunately the world does not see this parameter, you often get what planted the law of cause and effect, in case you are not that kind of person who plants pain in others, so has its karma, its history past life that you know more than anyone else and not always to our aid whenever we want.
For if this history is that we have to go through some adversity in life, if we have to go through resignations to achieve something better, nobody on this earth will change this path, nobody, no spiritual work in any place on earth, so do not waste your time and often their money frequenting places that perform this miracle by saying that he does not EXIST.
Before anything else try to see who you are, or certain things happen to you, and maybe you to see if you are passing so many times by the same problems, the same suffering, perhaps because you have not yet learned what I needed and spirituality will repeat this burden in your life as often as necessary, and why we have God in your heart and not be cursing, offending God for his burden to carry in your back you can relieve that burden, and when you least expect to receive what is thy law.
God does not abandon anyone, is that we often leave when our life falls apart and we have to start again. God is our father and his son more loving brother who always comes to our aid, so before making the victim look look around and I'm sure others will see much worse and they're not offending either God or anyone else, heart and believe they are happier because they are out of this sadness in knowing that live much longer than we think.

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