quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010


When we speak of spiritual works ever think of a center or center Kardesista Umbanda and many others that exist, however work differently that spirituality was calling me differently as well.

Received the task of working with Mandalas and Magic. Working with the Four Elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air
Everything I was taught by the Spirit, through my daily prayers and gradually I learned with the spiritual, through dedication and acceptance.

In this space serve as main objective the area of health, because without it we're nothing in this world of espiação in which we all live.

It is a work of Outdoor beneath a giant tree, all designs are made with sawdust and sand. The candles are all colorful and magnet for the job, everything is done according to the request of the Spiritual and confrater of the Magi.

Nobody pays nothing, the only fee is the love that I desire that you receive, and our desire to see you out there better than you came.

For the spiritually Love is everything that moves, without it nothing can be even started, then never do a job on behalf of spirituality but was allowed and a lot of respect.

Work is performed in the city of Ribeirao Preto in Sao Paulo once a month with lots of love and affection to the asker, who wants to go or know about this wonderful place is only through an email to: molina.aragao @ yahoo.com.br, which I will certainly further information about it.

As I said the great poet Cora Coralina: "What counts in life is not the starting point, but walking, walking and seeding at the end what you will reap."

May God bless you all

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